Nutrition, Digestion, Mood, Focus & Learning

Common symptoms that are not normal!

My baby is very gassy.  I guess that's just their new little system, working things out.

Common, yes.  Normal, NO!  Gassiness is usually caused by something not being digested properly.  If baby is nursing, it could be something mom is eating.  If baby is drinking formula, it could be an ingredient in the formula that baby is unable to properly digest.

Can't wait until my baby gets past the "spitting up" phase!

Common, yes.  Normal, NO!  This can also be due to what baby is ingesting.  If they are not digesting it properly, it can come back up.  This can also be affected by the physiology of their digestive development.

My kiddo has struggled with constipation but I'm sure it's something they will grow out of.

Common, yes.  Normal, NO!  Constipation is a sign that their digestive system is not working properly.  We first address what they are eating.  Next, we address their parasympathetic nervous system to make sure their brain is communicating with their digestive system.

My child has diarrhea fairly regularly...just a sensitive system,

I guess.

Common, yes.  Normal, NO!  Diarrhea can be caused by the body trying to get rid of something or the brain not communicating with the digestive system effectively.  

My kid gets so emotional and throws tantrums.  Yet another phase I look forward to them outgrowing!

Common, yes.  Normal, NO!  When our kids get overwhelmed, their nervous system also gets overwhelmed and this can cause an over-reaction in their response.  The key here is calming the nervous system back down.

My baby is colicky.  But that's normal for some babies.

Common, yes.  Normal, NO!  Crying is their only way of communicating and will do so for a reason.  It's their way of telling you something is wrong.   We see a reduction in crying by calming their nervous system, making them feel more comfortable.


My child never slows down...constantly in hyperactive mode.

And bedtime?  Bedtime is a nightmare!

Common, yes.  Normal, NO!  Hyperactivity can be caused by many things including what they are eating, how they are sleeping, and how their brain is connecting and communicating.

My kid has zero attention span.  Focus is an issue and I'm worried about how they'll do in school.  But what can we do?

Common, yes.  Normal, NO!  When focus becomes an issue, it is a sign that your child's nervous system is not communicating appropriately.  This can cause disruption in their thought processes and hinder their ability to focus.  

Chiropractic care supports your child's brain-body communication, reducing or eliminating negative symptoms associated with digestion, mood, focus, and cognitive function.  Chiropractic care also helps your child's systems develop optimally as they grow.

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"Our bodies change our minds and our minds change our behavior and our behavior can change our outcomes."                                                                                                                           -- Amy Cuddy