Discomfort, Brain Fog, & Delivery

Common symptoms that are not normal!

My body is changing so much.  I suppose it's normal to have constant discomfort in my hips and low back.

Common, yes.  Normal, NO!  As baby grows, your body will adapt and grow as well.  In the first trimester, you start releasing the hormone Relaxin which increases blood flow and relaxes your ligaments.  This allows your joints to move more.  However, this should not cause discomfort.

I swear my brain has stopped working since I got pregnant.  But all women get "pregnancy brain," right?

Common, yes.  Normal, NO!  Your body and brain are putting all of their energy into growing a new human being.  Supporting your brain with nutrients is extremely important as well as supporting your baby's developing brain.

Giving birth is hard work!  But birth is supposed to be long, hard, and painful, right?

Common, yes.  Normal, NO!  The more prepared your body is to give birth, the better the outcome.

If your pelvis and uterine ligaments are well balanced, it will be easier for baby to get into an optimal position for birth and will make delivery

easier on mom.

Moms-to-Be deserve support every step of the way to make their pregnancy and birth story the absolute best it can be.  Chiropractic Care can help! 


Don't let discomfort, brain fog, or difficult birthing become part of your story.  If you have questions or concerns regarding Chiropractic Care during pregnancy, please visit our Chiropractic Care page or Schedule an Appointment today!

"A baby fills a place in your heart you never knew was empty."

                                                                                                                     -- Author Unknown