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More Ways to Support Your Health

We have so much great information to share with you that we couldn't possibly do it in

one appointment, one phone call, one eMail, or one post!  So we've developed this page of resources for you to access at anytime.  From prenatal massage to midwifery, vaccine info to sweet treat

recipes, this page is your guide to additional health information for you and your children.

Pregnancy & Birthing


Babies & Kids

Food & Sweets

Candy & Chocolate

  -  Dr. John's Healthy Sweets

  -  Chocolate Covered Katie

Meal Prep

  -  Primal Kitchen

  -  Vitacost Food & Beverage

Mind & Body

Breast Health

  -  Valley Thermography

  -  KeepCool Thermography

Immune Support

  -  Dr. Axe

  -  Plant Therapy

Self Care

  -  Nurtured Roots Prenatal Massage

  -  Reflexology, Dr. Linda Rice, 715.340.1700

  -  Yoga Hive

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