Cycles, Weight, Fatigue, Libido & Fertility

Common symptoms that are not normal!

I have painful, heavy periods.  Lots of women do.

But that's normal, right?

Common, yes.  Normal, NO!  Painful, heavy periods are caused by an imbalance in your reproductive hormones.  They can also be affected by your food and "everyday" items you use such as plastic and body products.

Putting weight on is easy, taking it off is hard!  True for most women, right?

Common, yes, Normal, NO!  Hormone and thyroid imbalances can greatly affect your body's ability to store and burn fat.  Stress will also cause your body to store fat as a means of protection.

No matter how much sleep I get it's never enough.  Such is life!

Common, yes!  Normal, NO!  Cortisol levels, which are affected by stress, can disrupt your body's sleep cycles and rob you of quality sleep.  Hormones can negatively affect sleep cycles also, especially if you are not making enough. 


It is common for women's sex drive to decrease, even in child-bearing years, right?

Common, yes!  Normal, NO!  Our hormones control our sex drive and if they are not in balance with each other, this can greatly reduce libido/sex drive.

I didn't think getting pregnant would be so hard.  But from what I've heard from women, I guess it's pretty common.

Common, yes!  Normal, NO!  An imbalance in your hormone or thyroid levels will greatly affect your fertility.  Other concerns that affect fertility are sleep, stress, nutrition/diet, and toxicity.

The negative symptoms noted above may be common but they are correctable with proper diagnosis, planning, and support.  You CAN achieve your wellness and fertility goals.  We can help get you there. 

If  you have concerns regarding your menstrual cycles, sleep, weight, libido, or fertility, let's get started with your personalized, 60-minute Health & Wellness Assessment.  Please visit our Functional Medicine page to learn more or Schedule an Appointment today!

"Being a strong woman is very important to me.  But doing it all on my own is not."

                                            -- Madame Marie du Deffand