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Your Natural Healthcare Providers

We are a dedicated team of women whose goal is to help you and your family reach and maintain optimal health.  Unlike conventional medicine which attempts to treat problems once they occur, Roots emphasizes the importance of improving your overall well being to prevent injury, pain, illness, and chronic disease without using invasive treatments such as medication and surgery.  So please get to know our team!  We welcome the opportunity to use our knowledge, education, and experience to tailor a wellness plan specifically targeted to address your needs using the least invasive, highly effective, and most natural methods and techniques.


Dr. Alyssa Brooks McPeak

Doctor of Chiropractic

Natalie with Dakota_edited.jpg

Dr. Natalie Meyerhofer

Doctor of Chiropractic

Heather & Dakota T._3.JPG

Heather Lyman

Operations & Business Development Manager

Laura Otte

Laura Otte

Patient Services

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