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Patients Share Their Experiences

Our primary goal is to have a profound and positive impact on your health and the health of your children.  We enjoy educating you and outlining all the benefits Chiropractic Care and Functional Medicine have to offer.  But who can explain the benefits better than those who have seen and felt them firsthand?  No one!  So below are personal testimonials from a few ladies who know best!

"I started going to Roots Wholistic Health in October 2020 when I was seeking help trying to conceive.  Dr. Alyssa recommended that I do a hormone panel test to evaluate where my hormone levels were at.  After taking the test I was able to get a list of recommended supplements from Alyssa to help get my hormones to balance. About nine months later, I got pregnant!  My dream to become a mother I thought wasn’t possible until I saw that POSITIVE test after working with Dr. Alyssa.  I can’t thank her enough for helping me make my dreams come true and teaching me all about hormones.  I continue my care with Dr. Alyssa and now my baby girl is too. I am beyond blessed to have found Roots Wholistic Health, Dr. Alyssa and her amazing team."  ~  Stefanie T., New Mom


"I started going to Dr. Brooks for prenatal care after a fellow pregnant mama recommended her.  Dr. Alyssa was so helpful and took her time at each appointment.  I started taking my newborn daughter within a week of birth.  After being crammed in my belly for 9 months, she was having trouble with day/night transition and spitting up. Adjustments and palate work really helped.  Dr. Alyssa even recognized my daughter had food sensitivity when the dermatologist just said it was bumpy skin. It has since cleared up! Everyone tells me how my daughter is such a happy baby and I know that is from feeling good from the inside out thanks to Dr. Alyssa Brooks. I highly recommend her!  ~  Heidi T., Mom of Two

"Deciding to get our daughter food allergy tested was the best choice we have ever made.  Her food allergy test revealed she was reactive to foods she was eating nearly every day.  Within the first week (or two) of eliminating those foods, her eczema disappeared.  Little did we know, this journey, of learning to read labels and the impact of what we choose to put into our bodies, has not only helped our daughter...but  the health and well being of our entire family."  ~  Kelly M., Mom of Two

"I've been going to Roots since I was pregnant with my first child.  Getting regularly adjusted as my body was growing each of my babies was a top priority for me.  I felt a decrease in low back pain, less stress in my entire body, was able to attain better posture, and even slept better!  I also noticed my babies were more active following pelvic adjustments as they had optimal room to move around in!"  ~  Lanna B., Mom of Three

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"I had a cesarean section with my first daughter in 2016.  I was disappointed that I couldn’t do what I always dreamed of- have a vaginal delivery.  When I got pregnant with my son in 2021, I knew right away I was going to try for a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC).  I did everything in my power to make my chances of success high, which included chiropractic care.  I chose to go to Roots Wholistic Health, because I knew they specialized in pregnancy.  I received excellent care and took Alyssa and Natalie’s recommendations, which included dates, magnesium supplements, along with others and was able to have a successful vaginal birth like I always dreamed of.  I cannot recommend Roots Wholistic Health enough!"  ~  Natalie F., Mom of Two

"I was referred to Dr. Alyssa over a year ago by a friend.  I am in the peri-menopause/menopause phase of life and was so fatigued, tired, had terrible PMS symptoms and mood swings and was gaining weight like crazy.  We have been testing my hormones every few months and working with different supplements to balance my hormones.  I feel like a different person and have learned so much about how our hormones affect so many functions in our body, food triggers, and general health and wellness. So thankful to be working with Dr. Alyssa and her team!! "  ~  Lori G.


"I had been struggling with our daughter to get her to sleep through the night the first year of her life getting up close to 6 times a night.  After her 1-year checkup, the doctor thought maybe it was allergies or an ENT problem.  I consulted with Dr. Alyssa to start with her food allergies. I wish we would have had her tested sooner. She is allergic to dairy. She didn’t have the normal dairy allergy symptoms; she was always breathing loudly and snoring at night.  Now that we have taken milk, cheese, yogurt, the main dairy products away, she sleeps through the night, and we can’t hear her breathe. Thank you Roots Wholistic Health for getting our sleep back!  ~  Andrea G., Mom of Two

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