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"My moods make me act like someone I don't even know...or like very much.  I just want me back."  ~   Patient


We all get moody sometimes.  But when persistent moodiness starts to negatively impact your relationships, your work, your goals, and your self esteem, it is time to find the physiological cause of these emotional changes and make positive, natural changes without prescribed medications.

Is feeling sad all the time, or nothing at all, just a phase?

Maybe.  Emotional distress can cause these symptoms but we address the physiological reasons as to why you are feeling this way.  Vitamin and mineral deficiencies, adrenal fatigue and exhaustion, and hormone imbalance can greatly affect your emotions.


Can I get my sex drive back?

Yes!  It can be frustrating when desire for intimacy has waned.  Much of the time, this has nothing to do with your head or your heart, but your hormones.  Hormones control your sex drive and if they are not in balance with each other, this can greatly reduce your libido and sex drive.

Can I better control my angry outbursts?

Yes!  First, recognize and address outside stressors that could be triggering you emotionally.  Then examine what may be happening on the physiological side.  For example, high testosterone or high cortisol levels in women can cause uncontrollable angry outbursts.

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