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"There is purpose in your season of waiting."  ~  Megan Smalley


Fertility is a complicated process requiring that several factors, both internal and external, come together at just the right time.  Your body's natural rhythm can be disrupted by hormone imbalance, thyroid dysfunction, stress, gut health, and toxins.  The key is to identify the factors that are negatively affecting your fertility and get your body back in sync naturally.

Could painful, heavy periods impact my getting pregnant in any way?

Yes!  Painful, heavy periods themselves don't inhibit pregnancy but are an indicator of an imbalance in your reproductive hormones which can affect your ability to get pregnant. 


Can my hormones be negatively affected by external elements?

Yes!  Surprisingly, hormones can be negatively affected by "everyday" items such as make-up, lotions, cleaning products, perfumes/fragrances, non-stick cookware, plastic food containers, and plastic water bottles.   These contain toxic chemicals, including parabens and phthalates, which are known to disrupt normal hormone function.

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Why is getting pregnant seem so difficult for me?

Dunno.  You may have an imbalance in your thyroid function or cortisol levels.  You may also have gut health issues that leave you depleted of essential nutrients.  All of these factors can negatively affect your fertility.

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